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Barnstormers Cadet Series: The Adventure continues

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News   hydra_by_ruth_tay

To help bring us out of our recent drought we are collectively coming together to have a steady flow of Cadet Series releases. 

The first of our releases is Hercules – an Imperial Stout. This should be ready in a week or so. Stay tuned!!

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What’s On Tap

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Flight 400 Blonde Ale BACK FRIDAY

4.5% ABV 4 SRM 18 IBU 20 oz 6 1/4

Light yellow and nearly clear, F Bomb Ale has a faint malty sweetness on the nose followed by a light but tasteful flavour profile provided by a balance of malt and hops. Great, light beer.

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Customer Feedback

My boyfriend and I came in to visit your establishment yesterday and I wanted to send you an email saying how much we enjoyed it! The food was fantastic, your staff was great and the beers were just what we were looking for! Rich, my boyfriend, and I both recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver and have been searching for some good west coast beers to sip on. Now we have found them!

We both work in the beer industry and I must say we loved what you had going on. We got a tour in the back to check out your equipment and enjoyed a few flights of beer. It felt very much like a Portland brewery.

P.G. - Toronto Ontario

I wanted to let you know that we loved the restaurant and brewery for all that it is but we were especially grateful for our outstanding waitress. I believe her name was Tara and she was just great. She made wonderful beer recommendations, seemed to actually know the flavours of different beers and what paired well (we've been to plenty of breweries where staff didn't seem interested in their products!). When we ordered our food she had great ideas for how to bring out the flavours such as the spent grain crust on my pizza and some oil added. She really made it a delightful evening for us and we wanted to be sure you knew how extraordinary she was! Have a great day,

J.O. - Ontario

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